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ah yes, the most terrifying and aggressive dog ever: the pitbull


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Devon Still’s daughter, Leah undergoes successful cancer surgery

It seems the Bengals’ feel-good story of 2014 is one step closer to having a good ending.

Devon Still announced via Instagram his daughter, Leah, underwent successful surgery Thursday.

“After a 5hr 50min surgery the surgeon was able to remove ALL of her tumor and all of her lymph nodes and her right adrenal gland where it all started from,” Still posted on Instagram.

“Best news I’ve received in a long time.”

While he’s putting on a brave face on for his daughter, Still admitted to being “nervous and scared beyond words.”

“But I’ll never let her see it…let’s get this done,” Still said in another Instagram message.

Prior to the surgery, Still posted an awesome video of the pep talk he gave to his daughter in the car.

“Let’s get this done!” he posted.

And get it done they did, as Leah successfully underwent the surgery.

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